Boost Foundation is a non-profit organization created to provide inspiration and support for other entities that touch the lives of children.

Triggered by the emotional, devastating aftermath of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004, Boost Foundation founder, Greg Nared, began to assemble a group of energetic, compassionate peers to help answer the question “How can we do our part to help?”

A few short years later, Boost Foundation is answering that call. The mission of Boost — inspiring and empowering youth to contribute to society — is no small task. Need exists everywhere and, in many cases, there are organizations set up to address those needs. However, no one non-profit can manage it all. This is where Boost steps in. Boost provides support to fill a gap — give a boost — indentified by one of our partner organizations.

Boost continues to build momentum through events, networking and developing relationships with key members of our community. Contact Us to learn how you can be a part of the effort to improve society.